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Housing-Related Support Services in Brighton & Hove

This website is in transition...

We are in the process of transferring information from this website over to the Brighton & Hove City Council website.  This will bring the information to a wider audience and enable us to integrate the information better with other council services.

If you have any feedback about this website, in particular what you use it for and want to see transferred across to the council website, please email us and let us know - thank you.

What we do

The Commissioning Team (Housing Commissioning Unit) manage a wide range of services that provide housing-related support enabling people to move to independent housing or to assist them in maintaining independent living. 

These include a wide range of services for people with different support needs such as:

  • mental health needs
  • learning disabilities
  • physical and sensory disabilities

Services support people at different stages of their lives such as:

  • vulnerable young people without secure accomodation
  • vulnerable older people who need support to be independent in their homes
  • people of any age undergoing a crisis affecting their housing and independence, such as eviction, domestic violence, coming out of prison, etc.

The support funded by the programme includes:

  • Accommodation and floating support
  • Support provided by Key Workers
  • Scheme Wardens or Managers
  • Community alarm systems
  • Someone to help service users learn skills to help them live independently

(NB: The umbrella term "Supporting People" used to be used for this programme, but that term related to a specific funding pot which no longer exists.  We therefore now use the wider term "housing-related support", as this encompasses more of what we do.)

The funding does not pay for people or services that provide care, such as cleaning, shopping or making meals.

Services the funding does pay for are described in this list of Eligible Tasks.


Supporting People Strategy 2011-2015

Supporting People Strategy
The Supporting People Strategy for 2011 - 2015  [Pdf, 376Kb] was ratified by by Housing Cabinet on 5th January 2011.

This website is mostly for organisations providing support in Brighton & Hove.  If you are looking for support the Information Prescriptions website has information about lots of local organisations offering different types of support.

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, you can click on the 'Helplink in the menu or phone the Commissioning Team on (01273) 290000 or contact us online.

Information on this website is also available in other languages.

You can find more information on all Supporting People programmes across the country by visiting the Communities and Local Government website.